IAPA Au Pair of the Year

The Childcare Company is a proud supporter of the IAPA Au Pair of the Year Award. We are always pleased when a family wants to nominate their au pair and were delighted when one of our au pairs, Luna Vasquez de la Rosa, won the award in 2011.

Au Pair Agency

The Childcare Company is an established UK based au pair agency and a long standing member of the British Au Pair Agencies Association. Families throughout the UK use our service to find their au pair.

Au Pairs.

Through our au pair service we provide au pairs that have been interviewed, had their references verified, and had police and medical checks carried out under the supervision of our carefully selected overseas agents.

"I was really impressed with you and your candidate though so I will definitely be back in touch in the future. "

(Reynolds family, Tonbridge, 31 July 2019.)

"I just wanted to give you some feedback on Alice. I can’t believe how much she has transformed my life in the short time she has been here. She is an absolute pleasure and has fitted in so well. Nothing is too much trouble and she is so diligent. The girls are eating healthy food again and loving the fact she is fun but also has rules. I’ve never met anyone more conscientious and polite. She is an absolute delight and I now go to work relaxed in the fact that my children are both cared for and happy. The only down side is she will only be staying until mid September so if you could find the same again for me to replace her I’d be very happy. "

(Sinclair family, Surrey, 04 June 2018.)

"Anna and Janko leave us this Thursday - heading off for Dublin and then to do the “Camino’ in Spain. As with all the au pairs we have had from you, they have truly enriched our lives! Anna and Janko were the most adventurous and worldly of all the au pairs we have had, and they went off coach surfing around Scotland and Wales in their holidays and have told us some wonderful stories about their adventures, and life in Hungary. They have been great fun with the children, and been ready to help with anything. We share a love of card and board games, and have enjoyed lots of games together with the children, and also when the children have gone to bed. As you always hope will happen, they have become part of the family, and we’re looking forward to their return visits. We will probably visit them in Hungary next year. The start of another wonderful life-long friendship, which we continue to enjoy with our previous 3 au pairs from your agency!

Thanks again - having au pairs from your agency has had a big - and positive!- impact on our lives."

(Rouse family, Bedford, 14 May 2018.)

"I'm writing to you just to say thank you for the job done. Probably you don't remember me due to all your customers but you helped me to find Jennings family. My experience is finishing, I come back Sat and after these 4 months I can really say that I was really lucky to meet this lovely family thanks to you. "

(Sara A family, Italy, 08 May 2018.)

"We were very impressed with the friendly and personal way you run your agency and would definitely recommend you to other families seeking an au pair. "

(Schroeder family, London, 01 July 2017.)

"Our most recent au pair, Laura Peli, found through you has just returned to Italy.

Another real star - calm, engaged, interested, kind, and appreciated the time she spent here: great!"

(Anonymous family, Weald of Kent, 19 April 2017.)

"Elin has been a complete delight and addition to our household - have tried persuading her to stay until Jared leaves for university in 2024, but she was reluctant!

Seriously, she wants to leave this autumn and when she does I'll need your help finding a new au pair."

(Grover-Mitchell family, Tunbridge Wells, 06 May 2016.)

"Thank you for helping us to find Guillaume. He’s been with us since September, and he is a treasure. We’re taking him to San Francisco with us for 9 weeks over the summer, and his brother is coming to stay as well for a month of that: the placement has been a roaring success."

(Anonymous family, Surrey, 22 April 2016.)

"I just thought I would let you know that Sofia has settled in really well, the girls adore her, she is proactive and keeps the house clean and tidy, she has been busy getting to know other au pairs both locally through the language school and via her Swedish agency, joined the running club in Lingfield and has thrown herself into being with us. We are thrilled she is staying with us and the girls are happy. All in all, it is a really positive experience for us, thank you!


(Grover family, Lingfield, Surrey, 31 January 2016.)

"Last year we found Ana through you - she is returning to Spain to continue her studies and so we will almost certainly be looking to replace her (as cloning is not possible!). She has been perfect, and having chatted about her selection process, it seems her agent is very thorough. I specifically want to use them again."

(Price family, Benenden, Kent, 13 May 2015.)

"Hi Mary

We have had a long chat and spent a lot of time together this weekend chatting and shopping. I have managed to introduce her to another Spanish au pair today and they too have met to go shopping so fingers crossed this will work.

Thank you so much for your continued support you are truly the best…


(Albone family, Cambridge, 27 April 2015.)

"Hi Mary,

Unfortunately Johanna is leaving us in June, she has been amazing!

Therefore we need to start the process again. We'd really like another Swedish au pair, as culturally it worked so much better.

Are you able to help us find someone as lovely as Johanna again?! "

(Barnwell family, Tunbridge Wells, 20 March 2015.)

"I would like to say thank you for your efforts. I think you have done a fantastic job and have always been very prompt and efficient. The quality of the au pairs also appear to be very high and I have been introduced to some wonderful girls. I would be very happy to use your company again and to recommend it to others.

Thank you once again.

Sharon "

(Crichlow family, Bedford, 26 January 2015.)

"Hi Mary,

We collected Amanda from the airport today and she seems really lovely and exactly the kind of person we were hoping for - so thank you! I hope she’ll settle in quickly. Hopefully she will as she has a friend who is an au pair in Sevenoaks who you placed.

Thanks again for all your help. All is going really well with Amanda.

Best wishes, Katie"

(Clifton family family, East Sussex, 12 January 2015.)

"FANTASTIC!!! Thank you for letting me know!

Once again, an extremely smooth search and many thanks for your wonderful, efficient and personal service!

You run an excellent agency, Mary, and its lovely to be able to trust your advice and meet girls who go on to be family friends."

(Hounsell family, East Malling (Kent), 24 June 2014.)

"Thanks so much to The Childcare Company for finding us a brilliant au pair, and also really helpful guidance for our specific circumstances about what we should expect from an au pair, and how to make this work best for everyone. This got us off to a really sound start. It was so helpful to have realistic expectations and to know that we'd need to invest a lot of time initially to help her settle, but it has totally paid off.

As for our au pair - we don't know if we can give you all the credit, but she is completely wonderful. It's been amazing watching her personal transformation over 7 months - from shy and nervous seemingly very young teenager with little English... to such a confident and empowered member of our family. She's gained hugely from all the exposure we've given her to different life experiences. It is amazing to have a partner to shoulder the household responsibilities. Our children love her, and as we seamlessly switch between whoever is looking after them when I work, there are no complaints, only joy that they will play with her. She is like a mum, daughter (because I feel so proud of her) and sister to me. She helpfully reminds me to stay realistic about what we can get done on the house (!), steps up at times of stress so I feel looked after, and we have great fun together and lots of jokes. We have our own two young children, and are also foster carers. Last week a very challenging 3 year old and 1 year old came to us as an emergency placement, and as a great team we were able to handle complex situations with ease. If our next au pair is even half as good, we will still be very grateful!"

(Rouse family, Bedford, 02 May 2014.)

"Just wanted to drop you a line to say - we are thrilled with Paolma .. she is lovely and already feels like part of the family..."

(McGrath family, London, 24 April 2014.)

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Our au pair database contains 0 au pairs and was last updated on Friday 12th March at 13:14:36. Login or register to search for an au pair now.

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